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This page is dedicated to the dissemination of information concerning articles of clothing that are hard and/or impossible to wear.


Victims of Doublju

The clothes from Yesstyle, The Lees Shop, Doublju, and Fabrixquare are garbage. The sleek, flattering clothes presented in pictures online is a product of careful manipulation. The clothing is held in place and fitted onto mannequins with pins, taken in flattering lighting to accentuate the fit, but hide the poor materials and cheap construction. Additionally, clothing from Yesstyle and some of these other Asian sites are made for smaller, Asian statures. On an average american, the clothing will be too short, but the most egregious fault is the absolutely awful fabric selection and the excessive detailing like buttons and epaulets where they're completely unneeded.

General rule of thumb: do not buy clothes pictured on a black mannequin, even if you see one on a huge retailer like eBay or Amazon

The Fedora

You don't look classy. You don't look cool. Just don't wear it. It doesn't matter if it's of high quality. It doesn't matter if you saw some dude from the 1950s pull it off. Don't wear it.



Many beginners to the fashion game tend to go straight for the GQ #Menswear look, as they see it as classy and masculine. This itself is not a bad idea, but it's very easy to get sucked into buying mall-tier clothes that look "nice" in the store, but terrible on you. The term "dadcore" refers to a bastardisation of menswear, often consisting of poorly fitted suits, oxford shirts, blazers, peacoats, awkward ties and tie bars, ugly desert boots, square shoes, bright colors to seem "contemporary", and sometimes even the infamous fedora. If you rush in and fill your wardrobe with mall-tier "dressy" clothes, without tailoring you will look bad, and probably get posted in /fa/ cringe threads. When starting out, buy decent basics and work your way up, dress clothes are not the foundation of a wardrobe. Once you have the basics down, you can look into styles you prefer, find a decent tailor, and start buying nicer clothing. By this point you should know what to look for in an oxford, blazer, suit, and will have a much better wardrobe in the long run.


It's worth noting that dadcore often is most obvious when you're young. Nothing looks more hilarious than an awkward 18 year old college freshman strutting around campus in a crinkled oxford with a yesstyle-esque peacoat, topped with some loosely fitting chinos and off-brown boat shoes. These kinds of people are easy to spot, and you should keep an eye out for what works for them and what doesn't. You can dress nicely/preppy at college, but wearing a blazer to class isnt going to impress anybody. Menswear is difficult to pull off if you're <22-23, so try to avoid making your entire wardrobe comprise of it.

Your shoes, probably

This section should link to a separate page detailing common bad design features in shoes. For example: square toes, corrected grain.

Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Shoes

Shoe and Belt mismatch

If you are wearing a leather dress shoe or boot, and a leather belt, there are some rules about color.

If the shoes are brown, the belt cannot be black. If the shoes are black, the belt cannot be brown. Matching shoe and belt color is fine for brown or black but usually will look odd with colors like white or blue. Bold colors or white are usually not acceptable for leather belts. Casual belts made of other materials or with prints do not need to be matched by color to shoes.

In summary: Black belt and brown shoes is bad. Black shoes and tan belt is bad. etc.

Dressing Like a Fictional Character

You will look like a try-hard.

Part of fashion is finding a style that fits you personally and can compliment your looks, not to cling on to an over-the-top idea created by a professional wardrobe designer for a movie/book/game. That costume was created to fit and compliment that character, not you. You don't look suave dressing as a character from mad men, nor do you look interesting and dramatic dressing in that Gosling jacket. Yes, you may stick out in a crowd, but not the good way people like.

Guys who look exactly like Ryan Gosling