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Below are quotes taken from /fa/ regarding Fabrixquare:

"The problem is that the look fabrixquare imitates is heavily dependent upon quality of materials and workmanship. This cannot be done on the cheap. Design is only one leg of the table." -- Poet

"the measurements they post of the garments really say it all" -- twerk it

"I bought a wide variety of fabrixquare stuff just to see if the internet was right, as some of their items look less suspect than yesstyle etc. My reviews of their shirts is that they are complete shit, very clingy/stretchy and tight on the arms and the materials feel very thin, I guess not terrible if you just need something as a layer but they feel cheap as hell. Their track pants are godawful. If you have any sort of leg definition or are a non-manlnet they will look dumb as hell. I don't know why people seem to recommend their sweats as "pretty good" or "budget ninja", they are terrible. $16 wasn't a lot to lose, but there's no way in hell I'm wearing them. Their sweats/terry cloth shorts seem ok to me, the elastic cuff is a bit weird but they look aight imo and summer is summer. They have a tall hoodie that is very basic, not super soft material but it's functional. I would rec the hoodie, I would maybe rec the shorts, I would NOT rec the shirts or pants." -- Anon

"You will get what you pay for. Cheap basics for layering, but some of the tees are beginning to separate at the seams. Avoid pants. srs. They use some sort of Korean magic that makes them look good, but in reality they're like straight cut (not phat stax like the pix) and fit shit." -- Anon

"The shirts are aight, but don't bother with the pants. Couple people posted fits with them and they looked like ass" -- Anon

"They're really made for a tiny Asian frame. If you have a tiny Asian frame, then good for you. The material, cuts, and stitching are all pretty bad though. Probably not significantly worse than what you're used to, but bad nonetheless. I've bought a couple things from them and I swore I never would again. With everything it's either the material or construction that just ruins it. They still look alright and seem to hold up well enough, but looking at them up close or feeling them is just disappointing. Still so tempted to buy the Prada creeper knockoffs. I love the design, but I can't afford the originals. Too bad the knockoffs just look like shit compared to the real deal, even in the product pictures." -- Anon

"I bought a pair of pants and a shirt off Fabrixquare a few months ago. They took nearly two months to ship my order to the US. The clothes seem to be made well enough considering what I paid for them, but I'm a 6'5" and despite ordering the biggest sizes they had, the pants are floods if I wear any shoes besides combat boots and the short is a little tight around the armpits. I'd probably buy from them again if they had a piece I really liked, but keep in mind you're getting what you pay for. If it's a $30 piece that would cost upwards of $100 from a legit designer, it's not going to be comparable to the real deal and will probably have a shorter lifespan if you don't take care of it." -- Anon