Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Shoes

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This page is about only men's shoes.

This page is under construction. For now, please just don't do it. Check back later and this page will be full of convincing stuff.

How cheap is "cheap"?

There isn't an absolute value, because cheap is relative to what you're looking for in a shoe. As an example of that, a good boat shoe is not as expensive as a good brogue, generally. Moreover, not every brand above any value I could set would necessarily be a great value, or even an acceptable shoe. But generally speaking you should never spend less than $100 on a pair of shoes. There may be rare exceptions to this, but in some styles there certainly aren't. A pair of oxford shoes should generally be much more than that.

Why do shoes matter?

Why Shoes Matter


For some styles of shoes, the more expensive shoes are going to last longer. If you are debating inexpensive boots against Red Wing boots, the latter could quite possibly turn out to be a better financial choice by lasting much longer due to better construction. This is also very true in oxford shoes, where full grain leather will last a lot longer than most shoes made with corrected grain, and a good welt will give the shoes a longer lifespan.


Low-end Sneakers: an exception?

For some people, certain inexpensive canvas and leather sneakers may be appropriate. Buyers should be careful when choosing a pair and play it relatively safe with colors and materials, depending on age.

While these brands are considered okay by many, the durability of their shoes is generally not very good, though some people prefer the appearance of a torn and weathered canvas sneaker.

There are some people who do not think any of these are acceptable choices of shoes. Keep in mind that, especially at a lower price point, it's hard to please everybody.


Converse is an American sneaker company that formerly made its shoes in the United States but moved its production overseas in the early 2000s to reduce costs and avoid bankruptcy. Their iconic canvas sneakers are instantly recognizable for most normal people. While these will not help you stand out, they may help you pass inspection.

John Varvatos Converse is slightly more expensive than standard converse and comes in a variety of more distressed-looking styles. Some people argue that these look better.

Comme Des Garcon PLAY Converse run around $110 US and are frequently discussed on many fashion forums, these would be seen as acceptable to most as well


Vans, like Converse, has its roots in US production, but cut costs by moving production elsewhere in the late nineties. Their shoes are frequently associated with skater culture. Opinions about Vans are mixed. Some maintain that it is a good basic sneaker, and some dismiss it entirely as bro-tier.

Vans has a few different lines of shoes of varying quality and price.

"If u really tight, then u gotta get Vans." - Lil B, 2005

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