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This page is dedicated to in-depth user opinions on Rancourt & Co.

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I added this section because of a disagreement between two editors over Rancourt's quality. In my opinion, the brand is most comparable to made in the USA brands like Oak Street Bootmakers. From this perspective, Rancourt does a very comparable shoe, and the roughness of the overall look is not only normal but also part of the appeal. This isn't the same opinion you might have if you're comparing them to Allen Edmonds, where in comparison Rancourt's shoes look like they haven't been made with quite the same attention to detail and finishing, as noted above. I don't see it that way; I think Rancourt does a great job at making the kinds of shoes they make, which is a different aesthetic. From the perspective of a more sartorial style, Rancourt's shoes will fall short of the competition in a few important aspects. I don't think this should be a knock against the brand, but that's because I'd be looking for different things in a shoe, I think.


I'm personally a fan of Rancourt. Customer service, fit, quality of construction, and pricing are all top-notch. My main problem with the brand is that they charge $50 for any custom order, even though they ostensibly make every single pair of shoes to order anyway. Want a different sole, leather, and stitching from a stock shoe? $50. Want one shoe to be half a size smaller than the other? $50. This is a fairly minor gripe since the shoes are so cheap to begin with, but it's worth noting. I've said before that the finishing on Rancourt's shoes is lacking, but that was mostly me being overly critical.