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Collaborative chukka with The Hill-Side for Hickoree's.

Rancourt & Company is a US-based shoe manufacturer owned by Michael Rancourt. The company was formerly owned by Allen Edmonds, until it was bought back by its previous owners, the Rancourt family. Their website claims that their history in the shoemaking business goes back to 1964.

Rancourt makes primarily made-to-order handsewn shoes and boots. This includes boat shoes, camp-mocs, penny loafers, venetian loafers, tassel loafers, ranger mocs, and both moc-toe and plain-toe boots and chukkas. They offer a variety of leathers at different prices, including many Horween options, such as the popular Chromexcel and Shell Cordovan.

Rancourt has one of the most helpful and comprehensive websites of any made in USA brand. Kyle Rancourt has also done an AMA on Reddit.

All of their shoes are made in Lewiston, Maine.

Subjective: Style and Quality

Shell Cordovan Penny Loafer
Detail shot of "The Field Ranger Shoe" made by Rancourt & Co. for The Field Outfitting.

The style of Rancourt & Company's shoes can easily work with a menswear style or a heritage style, but a conservative choice of handsewn, like a brown boat shoe or a black penny loafer, can bring accusations of "dadcore". On the bright side, their shoes might make an excellent gift for your dad.

The quality of construction is very good, though finishing and attention to detail is somewhat lacking.[differing opinions]

When choosing a leather, this editor recommends the standard choice, Chromexcel. This is the second most famous of Horween's leathers (behind the considerably more expensive Shell Cordovan). It is commonly used for handsewn shoes.

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Understanding the Trinity

Grandfather Rancourt worked for Quoddy and was a shoemaker. He begat Michael Rancourt.

Michael Rancourt is the owner of Rancourt & Company and has a monotone voice that you can hear in their promotional videos on Vimeo. He begat Kyle Rancourt.

Kyle Rancourt is the public relations for Rancourt & Company on the internet. He is not very good at choosing the right there/their/they're, and likes saying rude things about competitors on Reddit. To be fair to him, there's no reason to believe he's not telling the truth, and it's information at least.


The fit is generally true-to-size. You can email them for information about sizing relative to some other brands; their history with Allen Edmonds means they have a good sense of how their lasts compare to Allen Edmonds lasts, so if you know your size in Allen Edmonds you should know your size in Rancourt.

Custom Orders

If you order by email, you can specify a different color or type of leather for any given style, or a different sole. Officially there is supposed to be an online customization tool coming soon, but when that is is uncertain. The fee for custom orders is $50, and this seems to be regardless of how many changes you make to a given stock model.


Rancourt makes handsewns for Red Wing Handsewn, Eastland Made in Maine, and a few other brands.

Club Monaco carries a small selection of Rancourt shoes, and Need Supply currently carries two styles (as of 26/05/2013). There may be other stockists not mentioned here.


Rancourt's prices are very similar to Quoddy's and less expensive than Oak Street Bootmakers, making them one of the less expensive varieties of made in the USA handsewn shoes.

/fa/'s Opinion

Rancourt & Co. is not unheard of on /fa/, but it is seldom talked about or worn by posters. When I have seen their penny loafers posted, they are sometimes called dadcore, but not always. Opinions are mixed but mostly pretty neutral. A small handful of posters are fans.

Comparable Brands

Quoddy, Oak Street Bootmakers and Yuketen all make comparable shoes using similar materials and construction techniques.

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