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Uniqlo (pronounced "YOU-nee-klo") was originally founded in 1984 as "Unique Clothing Warehouse." The Japanese based manufacturer, designer, and retailer expanded rapidly from 100 stores in Japan in 1994 to over 1000 worldwide in 2013 and has plans for further expansion. Uniqlo is generally regarded as a good budget brand, offering notable value for the price, and as a reliable destination for cheap basics.

In terms of design, Uniqlo emphasizes a kind of uniformity or "ordered abundance," its clothing neatly stacked so as to highlight the company's distinct "rainbow" array of colors. Unlike H&M, which aggressively pursues trends and whose stores receive shipments of clothing 3 times a week (according to an H&M rep), Uniqlo focuses on stable basics like plain t shirts, oxfords, dress shirts, hoodies, slacks, and jeans, distilling them down into a basic if often mundane form. It's this very uniformity--going so far as to only offer a single inseam on pants--that allows the company to reduce costs and produce garments of reasonably good quality.

Select items in stores and online are frequently offered at reduced "Sale" or "Promotion" discounts of 20% or more, in addition to clearance prices offered at retail locations.

As of Summer 2013 there are 7 Uniqlo stores in the United States (5 in New York, 1 in New Jersey, and 1 in San Fransisco. See Store Locator for other locations). Offers free standard shipping on orders over $100.


User Reviews and Notes

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"As with most stores, the quality varies here. Uniqlo doesn't do well with more interesting fabrics like chambray, but the cotton tees and hoodies are well made and inexpensive. The fit of the men's tops is odd though. I'm 5'10" and wear an xs, but Uniqlo's xs tops are consistently too short, hitting just below the belt. If you're a taller person who wears small sizes I'd recommend checking the size guide before buying. Otherwise, though, everything is more or less true to size. Same goes for the pants--the size 29 I have measures at 30". The slim fit chinos are probably my favorite purchase from the store. Far and away the best fitting chinos you can get for under $50. They're slim, but not exceedingly so. They're essentially a straight leg for a thin person. The jeans, though, look like ass."
---anon1234, 6/13

"The linen shirts are very boxy, hungry skeletons beware."--Anonymous

"Oxford shirts are by far the best for the price. Slim chinos and skinny jeans are also good. And remember there are detailed sizing guides for every item on their website, which is great (and something more online stores should do)."

"Its ok."
---The savior of /fa/ FJ