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Whoever edited the style section: Good job.

This looks like a messy wall of text. Divide it into sections based on what each bit is trying to express, I think. Having random phrases in bold and allcaps looks obnoxious and lame, also. there are other ways to emphasize individual ideas.

tl;dr - Anon

I really thought that this wiki needed some posting guidelines. Remember, this is a board sticky, not just an info wiki. Added the following to the intro page, though I thought it might do better with it's own page in the navigation bar, for more visibility. Of course this is just my take. Everything is up for discussion. Not everyone will follow these, but I really think that if we go these guidelines out there /fa/ would become a much better place.

Telling new posters to post in the WAYWT threads is not a good idea. They're getting criticism, which is good. But we're forgetting a few things:

- First, the WAYWT crowd is only one fraction of the board, and the criticism you will receive is not representative of all users. Posting there for criticism will end up pushing your taste in the direction of being similar to the others who post in WAYWT threads.

- Harsh criticism tends to push people new to fashion in the direction of being as safe as possible and being afraid of bold or divisive pieces. Being exposed to negativity early-on can slow the development of their own sense of style.

- Posts in the WAYWT threads reflect on the board. Example: people go to MFA, see bad fits, and then determine that MFA is unfashionable. People will do the same with /fa/ when they see all the newcomers posting basic fits. This can be a deterrent to new posters as well, because they see the WAYWT and then think it's the wrong board to ask for advice.

- Once they're in the thread, and they post their fit, what are they going to do while they wait for responses? They're going to comment on other people's fits. Herding the newcomers into the WAYWT threads could create a low-experience board subculture where people with no knowledge give advice to other people with no knowledge. That is NOT what we want happening.

What we need to encourage for newcomers is to be transparent at all times, and accept that it is always the case that the opinion you start with in fashion will not be the opinion you end with. It's a learning experience for every person who gets into it. Don't make defiant purchases ("they all hate it, but I love it, so fuck them!") and don't give people feedback until you are more qualified to do so.