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Store Tiers

Shit-tier: The stores that are a common beginner's trap, and should be avoided. Often have poor build quality, fit, and just look plain bad.

Mall-tier/Fast Fashion: Good for basics; t-shirts, underwear, socks, etc. Recommended for poorfags. Buy sparsely and do NOT build a large wardrobe with these stores.

Low-tier: Bit more pricey, but at this stage odds are you'll be dressed much better than people around you. Build quality is a cut above mall tier. Tumblr-core usually fits around here.

Medium-tier: Some entry level designer pieces, and at this point the clothes are very "nice". Quality menswear/streetwear often fits in this category. Fit and build quality are high.

High-tier: High fashion, designer pieces. Top tier menswear as well as some light gothninja pieces can be found here.

Artisanal-tier: Hand-made with skill that approaches that of an artist. This has nothing to do with design and everything to do with production methods. A boring design done fully by hand (example: a full bespoke two button suit) is 'artisianal'. Many designers source their clothing from artisans, but not all designer clothing is 'artisianal'.

Brand Tier Description Website
Auchan eMall/Fast fashion Everybody buys jeans, socks, and underwear from here. Cheap as fuck, and the quality is more than half-decent, and they copy 2-3 years old designs. Worth it in other words.
Intersport cMedium One of the top-rated shops in Romania,has a vast selection of shoes,of an OK quality,and an OK price.Best place to buy socks and blank T-shirts from.
Hervis Sports eMall/Fast fashion Inter-sport copy-cat, just less known.
C&A eMall/Fast fashion The place where 40+ middle-class Romanian fashion wanna-be housewives come to for shopping. Tries to get an younger clientele by selling edgy stuff.
Bershka eMall/Fast fashion Most people compare it to Zara.Has trendy clothes,appealing to growing teens,but has some serious stuff aswell.
Adidas bHigh Has a god-tier raputation.Every shoe excepting boots and dress shoes is being called an adidas,even if it is made by Nike (they's say: I see yoa got them adidas Nike's).High quality things,just like Nike tho'
CAMAiEU eMall/Fast fashion Has high-end french fashion reputation among plebs.Offers nothing of value.
Massimo Dutti bHigh Great quality products, which comes with a price worth paying. You're not going to see the average joe buying from here. Their designs try to be classy-ish.
Seroussi bHigh Best place to buy suits from, or anything classy for that matter, if you have the money for the one of the best quality shops in Romania.
Nike dLow Nike is one of the highest rated clothing store here. Has quality things tho'. Shoes are good. Clothes less so.
New Look dLow Justin Bieber and One direction loving Romanian teens who happily buy, so they can be Americanized
Office eMall/Fast fashion Expensive for what it delivers. Poor shoes quality and variety.
H & M eMall/Fast fashion Decent price,decent quality clothes with a fairly decent selection to choose from.It is seen as a hipster-ish store in Romania
Givenchy bHigh There is only one in the country, wich almost no one visits because of the prices,and those who are,are never buying anything.It mya go down soon.
Pull and Bear eMall/Fast fashion Considered to be have one of the best price-quality ratio in Romania, it is always filled with middle class people and kids trying to look cool. Has nice stuff tho'. Similar to H&M, but more colorful
Ralph Lauren eMall/Fast fashion Considered high fashion in Romania. You would buy anything from this shop only if you would like to show off to poor gypsy kids. Overpriced for the quality, has some decent pieces but are often ruined by rampant branding.
Zara eMall/Fast fashion Poor quality materials combined with always getting new designs and having fairly low prices makes Zara extremely popular with the Romanian wanna-bes and fuccbois. Notorious fast-fashion retailer. Jumps aboard every trend's bandwagon and mass produces their own knock-off versions. Poor quality clothing for cheap. Generally very slim-fitting. Not awful if used sparingly.
Levi's dLow Large selection of jeans (among other things) in a variety of colors and cuts. The quality is beginner level in their cheaper jeans not made in the USA, but at the sub $100 price range they offer a quality that can compare to the denim offered by higher end brands and beats anything else in the same bracket. Good marriage of quality and price. Don't treat rigid washes as raw denim. Levi's often has sales, so avoid buying at full retail. Avoid if you live outside NA, ridiculous markups.
Tommy Hilfiger bHigh Shop here only if you are rich by Romanian standards! French or German car needed, as well as an 50 euros plus watch