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Reigning Champ's logo

Reigning Champ is a Canadian clothing manufacturer specializing in basics, especially fleece. The company is owned by CYC Design Corporation, which also owns Wings + Horns and produces sweatshirts for other companies, including Supreme, Alife, and Engineered Garments, among others.

RC was founded in 2007 by Craig Atkinson, the CEO of CYC Design Corp., to serve as a replacement after closing down its earlier clothing line Spruce. The clothing is heavily inspired by athletics and sports as well as the city of Vancouver.

All of its clothing is manufactured in Canada.



Reigning Champ offers three main types of sweatshirts: crew neck, full zip hoodie, and pullover hoodie. All of these are offered year-round in RC's "signature midweight terry" as part of its "Core Program". The main colors for its Core Program are gray, black, and navy, though they also have different seasonal colorways.


RC also stocks sweatpants and sweatshorts

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