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White suede Quoddy bluchers for Mr Porter.

Quoddy is an American shoe manufacturer that makes all of their handsewn shoes in Maine. They are named after an older brand that made shoes in the US around the 60s, 70s and 80s. That company went out of business; a new company took up the name in the mid-2000s and began making similar shoes to what the original Quoddy made.

Subjective: Style and Quality

Brown maliseet oxfords with a crepe sole for Très Bien.

Quoddy shoes are typical quality for their price range and style, which is to say pretty good; made in the USA "handsewns" are generally comfortable and durable shoes compared to other styles in the same price range. They typically use Horween leather, which is standard. Quoddy lines many of their shoes with deerskin, which some consider less comfortable than unlined.

Quoddy is a manufacturer; their website has a very limited (and some might say unattractive) array of options, but they make shoes in a variety of styles for stores like Unionmade, SSENSE, Mr Porter, South Willard, Très Bien, KITH NYC, J. Crew, and others.

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Quoddy shoes run true to size. I am not sure whether their boots run large but running a half size large is typical of handsewn boots.


Relative to competitors, Quoddy's shoes tend to be slightly less expensive, and frequently go on-sale. Gilt sometimes has Quoddy shoes in their flash sales.

/fa/'s Opinion

Quoddy is generally considered comfy and nice by people who like that sort of thing, but most posters don't care for the moccasin style of shoe.

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