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New Shopping Tool

FlashFrames is a shopping tool created to meet the needs of consumers searching to find the eyewear they love, all from retailers they can trust. Consisting of three simple steps, shoppers can snap or upload a photo of frames/glasses they want, find options across price points from trusted online retailers and shop for the perfect pair to be sent for home delivery. Try it now:FlashFrames! #SpotTheStyle #GetTheFrames

As a general guideline, you should choose something that accentuates your face shape.

Quality is very important with sunglasses. When you put glasses on, your eyes open up more because the world is now dimmer. However, if your glasses do not offer proper UV protection, your eyes are open wide and letting in more harmful rays than normal. It is almost always better for your eyes to squint and deal with it than to wear cheap sunglasses and fool your eyes into thinking they are protected.

Notable Brands