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Frank & Oak is a vertically integrated online menswear brand with premium threads and a simple, integrated, and personalized shopping experience. The Montreal based brand deals almost exclusively in a Traditional clothing style, or what is generally referred to as "Men's Wear". Launched in February of 2012, Frank & Oak's goal is to provide quality Men's Wear at an acceptable price. Through a small in house design team and outsourced labour, Frank & Oak is able to keep costs fairly low while providing usable, quality products.

One of the more unique aspects of Frank & Oak is the fact that a new collection is released every month. This means that each piece is produced in very small quantities thus making it difficult to purchase the more popular items.


Frank & Oak, like many online only retailers, requires that a customer becomes a member to view their products. A unique membership type called the Hunt Club allows customers to order a Hunt Club Crate which is shipped at no charge. Filled with 3 pieces from the month's new collection, the Hunt Club Partner is then expected to try each piece to find if he likes them or not, then simply ship the crate back and pay for what he keeps.

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User Opinions

SWR I dig some of their stuff. I'm not a Hunt Club member simply because I don't buy from F&O enough to warrant something like that, but I do like what I have purchased from there. I don't really wear it much though. The oxfords are probably my favorite thing they sell. The sweaters feel thin, but that's to be expected. In general, it's a good place to pick up some mens wear basics. I'm also fairly tall and the tops fit me fine.

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