Comme Des Garcons

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Comme des Garcons (Mainline)

Clothing bearing solely the brands name is reserved for women's clothing curated by Kawakubo herself since the company's founding. This is primarily where you're going to find the most extravagant pieces and is the line most commonly shown off during women's fashion weeks. Expect to pay a high premium and to be confronted with some of the most avant-garde clothes that the brand has to offer.

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus

The main men's clothing from the brand, the same type of information applies to this as from Mainline CDG.

PLAY Comme des Garcon

This is the line with the most mass-market appeal. T-shirts bearing the familiar heart-shaped logo have been featured by many a music artist and displayed by raging hypebeasts everywhere. Starting in 2002 as a collaborative effort with Polish graphic designer Filip Pagowski PLAY is probably the most normal thing you’re going to find in the CDG lineup.