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Acne is a Swedish clothing brand selling high quality knits, denim, and footwear. Acne Studios, a part of the ACNE collective (Ambition to Create Novel Expression), was founded in 1996 by Jonny Johansson. The story goes that he created one-hundred pairs of raw denim with red stitching to give away to his friends and family. The reception was positive so he began to create clothing on a larger scale.

Acne Studios utilizes a fairly minimalist approach towards design. The brand tends to stay away from using their logo in excess; instead opting for simpler tags and packets. The idea behind the designs is to create a simple, almost apathetic look, while still being refined.

There are currently 21 Acne Studio stores in different countries around the world.

/fa/'s Opinion

Viewed as basic, but generally well liked. The denim is especially noteworthy.

User Reviews and Notes

Acne concession in Harrods.





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