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A.P.C is a French store with branches across the world, founded in 1988 by the Tunisian-Jewish born Designer Jean Touitou. A.P.C. stands for 'Atelier de Production et de Création'. The typical A.P.C. look is classically French - minimally preppy, slim-fitting, and would look equally at home in the 60s and today.


A.P.C. is famous for its raw denim. There has been recent controversy about the quality of the denim, which has shifted manufacturing country.[Citation needed] Their jeans come in a variety of fits (in rough order from skinniest to loosest):

  • New Cure
  • Petit Standard - Lower rise and slimmer in the hip than the New Cure, but slightly wider in the leg.
  • Petit New Standard - Slimmer, more tapered version of the New Standard.
  • New Standard - Standard, only difference is the rise.
  • Rescue