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Leave your suggestions and feedback here Free Discussion

Q. What happened to the Brand Reviews section in the nav bar?

A. It was cluttered, poorly organized, and removed at the popular request of /fa/. There are now opinion pages such as this one where you can read in-depth reviews on a given brand.

Stuff to add

Yo I'm tired of making brand pages that are irrelevant, so I cleaned up the list of things that this wiki should have that I posted in the other thread

  • Colour Theory - Please add to this one
  • Silhouette - Please add to this one, or post any informational links about this on my talk page so I can expand on it
  • Style theory
  • "Wearing a costume" and how clothes should reflect your personality
  • The difference between the former and dressing for occasions
  • Personal style (Kind of covered by /fa/scist's spheal)
  • Materials
  • Construction
  • Alterations, tailoring, and making your own stuff

if you think of anything else pls tell me

- guy

Open Suggestions

I moved the suggestions page here so I can answer them.

  • What about people reviews on brands? Could be cool. Definitely going to second the brand reviews. More than y/n lists please. I would want to know /why/, if I were coming at them for the first time, otherwise threads will transition from "what brands" to "why these brands" and leave out the ever pressing question "WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE"..
  • Guides to various fit "forms". From Yohji to Hedi. There's a lot to say for knowing the ins-and-outs of various silhouettes and how they can be achieved.
  • I feel that people need to be more introduced to fashion philosophy and ideologies, why we buy the things we do, image and presentation and expression and translation in fashion, how to "use" fashion, the effect it has, etc etc beyond just "looking good". yes, looking good is good but we need more knowledge to be dropped so people can actually be aware that fashion is much larger than just clothes and outfits and "w2c"? and whatnot. yes some people don't care about fashion that much and just want to look a bit better. i'm just saying that the knowledge should be more widely available so people are aware, and they can choose to do further research into it and improve. i used to know nothing but lurked alot and met people and started talking to people over sz about this kind of stuff and i've been much, much happier now than i was before when fashion was only about outfits and impressing others
  • put as much stuff on here that answers the plens retarded questions. the sticky will be basic advice, /fa/ can be actual fashion discussion.
  • p-plz have an australia page
  • How to be a faggot. Also info about hair, like how to cut yourself to save money, NOPOO explanation, what kind of place you want to have it done (I had my done by some cheap spic lady a few years ago and it came out horrid, nothing like the photo I showed her, the barber did much better), etc. Also seconding the "r8 brands" and why. Pretty much a better/more expanded version of thefaggotstore I guess
  • add a BUY&SELL/BARTER navbar so seller anon can sell to fuccbois to hearts' content~
  • Make a "Categories" page, rather than just a unsorted list of articles listed on the left (eg : wikipedia like organisation).

Closed Suggestions

  • Anything about Trips: This was okay at first, but it got way out of hand. The trips section is now gone. Create an account and message me if you want to talk about it.
  • An article listing and describing various types of textiles (linen, cotten, wool, leather, etc.) and fabrics (raw linen, worsted wool, tweed, pima cotton, canvas) would be nice. I agree, somebody please make this and add it to suggested pages.
  • What are your thoughts on adding a SALES page? It would be a good resource for anyone wondering about any active sales (for example, SSENSE and LN-CC are having a sale right now). The page also gives people a great incentive to keep checking back on the Wiki. Daily stuff like this is probably better posted on /fa/ itself instead of some hidden wiki site. Though notes on regular sales like it is done for some brands in the stores list is useful. -not admin...I do agree that this kind of stuff is what belongs on /fa/. If a store has 20% off saturdays or something (you get the idea), make a note in the Stores page. The idea isn't to get people to keep checking the wiki, it's to put what should be common knowledge on here to improve board quality over there. -admin
  • it's easy to find out where to buy this and that and look decent, but to look truly "next level" and unique, self reflection and deep thought is needed. i guess what im trying to say is knowledge is power, too many people are staying at the same level when they have the potential to be something much more beautiful wat
  • What are these $brand$/Opinion sites good for? This should be included into the usual brand sites, Because the opinions will clutter up the page once there are a bunch of them - not admin But it is still shitty this way. It would be better to have those individual opinions on the brand page, using this collapse thingy. I added it on the Yuketen side, take a look.Could you explain why you think it is shitty please, a separate opinion page allows more detailed reviews, pictures, and removes the possibility of people editing themselves into brand pages for "/fa/ rep" (yes there are people that do stuff like this, i've seen it already). its a wiki though, so i'm not saying you're wrong, i just wanna know why -not admin The expand/collapse-function-way would be more decent in my eyes, but you seem to have a good reason to sort this stuff out. Maybe there is a way to have a third entry in the page/discussion row named opinions so it is still on the brand page.
  • It'd be nice if someone could write up a "should I cop this" checklist for people who don't know better. Like: 1.) Is the fit right? 2.) Do you have the money for it (the cop) right now and wouldn't have to cut back on essentials to get it? 3....4....5, etc. If somebody wants to make a flowchart for this, go right ahead. Maybe get somebody from /gd/ to throw one together and we'll give them credit/link their portfolio or w/e.
  • There should really be a "getting started" section. Topics covered could include reasons for dressing better, that "taste" picture that's on the front page of the current sticky, a primer on colors, etc. Introduction section created and linked on the front page for this.
  • image boxes like on wikipedia, for adding pictures without disturbing the flow of text done
  • Weight loss tips. Not how to get ripped, but how to get an /fa/ body.The fit sticky covers this well, and there are links to it here.
  • Make sure people can contribute as well, they shouldnt need to contact you to change things. Done, it's a fucking wiki
  • It would be a good idea to have a really solid "basics" guide. Like the place to get cheap and decent quality tees, sweaters, jeans, jackets, sneakers etc. with a focus on affordability/quality so that people don't ask totally basic questions about this stuff. Men's & Women's basic section added
  • Maybe it's just me, but I like wikis that include board history. I really do enjoy reading up on those micro histories of anonymous peoples. About /fa/ created for board history
  • >tfw no qt 3.14 girlfriend ;_; iktf ;_;
  • A place for charts would be nice. Infographics/Charts section created
  • I think histories on different styles could be really cool. Styles section created
  • A gallery with pictures of Casemods "Pictures of Casemods" does not exist [yet].
  • a better shop list Go and improve it, then.
  • Sorting designers into general catagories, i.e. if you like this style, here are some more like it, etc. I advise that you list notable designers when editing the Styles page for this purpose. Or I could add pages like Streetwear Designers for the Streetwear section, etc
  • Update the Australia store guide. Every store listed under cheapish is nort cheap Update it yourself m8, it's a wiki