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Not sure why the "avant garde" section was changed the way it was. The term "goth ninja" has to be in that section. That's what it's known as and referred to as on /fa/. Leaving it out makes the section less informative without any real reason. Also removed "anything goes". Anything can't go. It's not a coherent style if anything goes.

Discuss the involvement of these "styles" on the page here. Should they be on the page, or alternatively, should we add them to Trends?

I'm for trends, personally, or 'Upcoming Styles'.


a style created by poet and pushed by timber. Lunarcore incorporates the stylings of retrofuturism into everyday fits, with references to vintage cosmonaut suits and the implied utility of pockets flaps and zippers. Helmut Lang (Hermit Lounge - joke by ph) was the first lunarcore retrofuture avant-garde designer by creating Chinese flight underwear and playing with the implied utility of zippers and nylon cords to make a refrence to the Chinese pilots of WWII. Helmut Lang was influenced by rick owens and yohji yamammoto. The primary colors used in the newly developed lunarcore style are safety orange, metallic silver and off white to give a vintage retrofuture vibe. The typical lunarcore silhouette is baggy (influenced by yohji yamamoto)to imply utility needed by the retrofuture cosmonaut.


Examples of Brands: Most Big Cartel brands, most clothes from Urban Outfitters

Tumblr m899fnAf7U1r9pmtao1 1280.jpg

Tumblrcore is a strange thing to describe. For the most part, females are generally more tumblrcore. This style incorporates a sort of twee/teen style while attempting as well to give it some sort of unique edge to it. Whether that edge be heavy makeup, overdone/dyed hair, Dr. Martens, studded pieces, loud patterns, and many different accessories usually associated with a separate style. A staple is usually the "Galaxy Leggings" which have seemingly overnight become a trend, thick framed or "hipster" glasses, hair dyed in an unnatural color, semi-gaudy shoes, and even excessive jewelry. When attempting this style it should be known that it is very flexible just like the streetwear style is, so it can be a very easy "beginner style" for those who aren't sure about some of the more radical and money consuming styles such as gothninja.

Men's tumblrcore consists widely of bigcartel stores. Usually on tee shirts or snapbacks, screenprinting is done with loud prints or pieces of artwork, or it may be fully blown edgy phrases in white on black.

Two examples of popular bigcartel stores, showcasing different styles and loud prints typically seen.