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a style created by poet and pushed by timber. Lunarcore incorporates the stylings of retrofuturism into everyday fits, with references to vintage cosmonaut suits and the implied utility of pockets flaps and zippers. Helmut Lang (Hermit Lounge - joke by ph) was the first lunarcore retrofuture avant-garde designer by creating Chinese flight underwear and playing with the implied utility of zippers and nylon cords to make a refrence to the Chinese pilots of WWII. Helmut Lang was influenced by rick owens and yohji yamammoto. The primary colors used in the newly developed lunarcore style are safety orange, metallic silver and off white to give a vintage retrofuture vibe. The typical lunarcore silhouette is baggy (influenced by yohji yamamoto)to imply utility needed by the retrofuture cosmonaut.

Heroin Chic


Examples of Brands: Dior Homme (Hedi Era) mainly, but anything skinny and black applies

Heroin chic became popular in the 90's, and it's where ex-Club Kids went to die. Starting with Calvin Klein's campaign featuring Kate Moss, and Vincent Gallo shooting emaciated, drug-addicted looking models, it was quickly devoured as the hottest style. Heroin prices were dropping and the purity was much better at the time, which helped increase it's popularity. The style was dead in the magazines when in 1999, Gisele Bundchen was dubbed the new supermodel. Nowadays, it carries on in fashion, though with a much lighter tone thanks to our teenagers who insist on dying due to anorexia and make Heroin Chic look evil.

It is more about the body than other styles; you can't be Heroin Chic while looking perfectly healthy and/or plump. First stages of anorexia are preferred, since it's a matter of looking glamorous while feather thin, not dirty and sick. Dark circles under the eyes are a bonus, and you need to appear like an elegant trainwreck.