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Store Tiers

Shit-tier: The stores that are a common beginner's trap, and should be avoided. Often have poor build quality, fit, and just look plain bad.

Mall-tier/Fast Fashion: Good for basics; t-shirts, underwear, socks, etc. Recommended for poorfags. Buy sparsely and do NOT build a large wardrobe with these stores.

Low-tier: Bit more pricey, but at this stage odds are you'll be dressed much better than people around you. Build quality is a cut above mall tier. Tumblr-core usually fits around here.

Medium-tier: Some entry level designer pieces, and at this point the clothes are very "nice". Quality menswear/streetwear often fits in this category. Fit and build quality are high.

High-tier: High fashion, designer pieces. Top tier menswear as well as some light gothninja pieces can be found here.

Artisanal-tier: Hand-made with skill that approaches that of an artist. This has nothing to do with design and everything to do with production methods. A boring design done fully by hand (example: a full bespoke two button suit) is 'artisianal'. Many designers source their clothing from artisans, but not all designer clothing is 'artisianal'.

Brand Tier Description Website
American Apparel eMall/Fast fashion Antwerp. Has basic t-shirts in a variety of cuts. Tees fit well even for slimmer people.
Brooklyn dLow Several big cities.
Brandy Melville cMedium Brussels
Celio and Celio Club dLow All the big cities. Celio itself is basically fast fashion but Celio Club is better overal and could be valued medium at most
C&A Shit All the big cities.
Coccodrillo bHigh Antwerp. Shoes.
COS dLow Antwerp, Brussels. H&M's higher quality stores. Great if you're looking for affordable formal wear.
Diesel bHigh All the big cities, although you have 4 in Brussels alone. Expensive but fits really well, great purchase. Must check out if you have the chance.
Dries Van Noten bHigh Antwerp.
Duck cMedium Liege.
DVS bHigh Antwerp. Dirk Van Saene, Walter Van Beirendonck, Frieda Degeyter, Sofie d'Hoore, Monsieur Maison, Veronique Branquinho.
Eleven Paris dLow Brussels.
Esprit dLow All the big cities. Decent quality, but often bland looking. Best way to look average
Filippa K dLow Several big cities. Can sometimes be found in other stores. Great for basics.
H&M eMall/Fast fashion All the big cities.
Inno dLow All the big cities. Carry all the big classic brands like Esprit, Levi's, Marc O'Polo,...
Jules dLow Brussels. Not expensive, could go mall-tier but offer free tailoring with card (one time 6.95€). So if you're on the poor side, it's a good option
Louis bHigh Antwerp. Margiela, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Rick Owens,... (no website?)
Mr. Ego cMedium Brussels. Streetwear.
Mark by Mark Jacobs cMedium Brussels. .
Movies dLow Ghent. High-end student look. at least 2 people in your Uni class will be wearing the same shirt.
Privejoke cMedium Brussels.
Rewind cMedium Ghent.
Scotch & Soda dLow All the big cities.
Seven Rooms bHigh Antwerp.
Stijl bHigh Brussels. Carry a lot of the renowned Belgian designers
Urban Outfitters dLow Antwerp, Brussels.
Your bHigh Antwerp. Mostly high-end designer stuff, but they sell more affordable stuff too.
Zara eMall/Fast fashion All the big cities.
Sumô bHigh Leuven. Very small shoe store on the vismarkt. Brands like Ann Demeulemeester, visvim..... (no website?)