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This page is under heavy construction. Please excuse the mess while we clean up and streamline this information.

The current revision involves a shift from a list format to a table format. Descriptions really need looked at.


PROTIP: Use the sort buttons at the top of the tables to sort by name or tier.

Store Tiers

Shit-tier: The stores that are a common beginner's trap, and should be avoided. Often have poor build quality, fit, and just look plain bad.

Mall-tier/Fast Fashion: Good for basics; t-shirts, underwear, socks, etc. Recommended for poorfags. Buy sparsely and do NOT build a large wardrobe with these stores.

Low-tier: Bit more pricey, but at this stage odds are you'll be dressed much better than people around you. Build quality is a cut above mall tier. Tumblr-core usually fits around here.

Medium-tier: Some entry level designer pieces, and at this point the clothes are very "nice". Quality menswear/streetwear often fits in this category. Fit and build quality are high.

High-tier: High fashion, designer pieces. Top tier menswear as well as some light gothninja pieces can be found here.

Artisanal-tier: Avant-Garde and higher end gothninja pieces, you truly are #nxtlvl.

Current Revision (Work in Progress)

Stores in New Zealand

Stores in Australia

Add more pls and edit descriptions if you can do it better

Brand Tier Description Website
Nike Store dLow Pretty standard, handy shoes for streetwear fits.
Country Road eMall/Fast fashion Very similar to Industrie, some nice "dressy" clothing. Definitely higher end of Mall Tier
Marcs dLow Some decent menswear, good for business etc.
Glue eMall/Fast fashion Not as good as General Pants, but if you dig you can find some cool streetwear gear. Very "mainstream" if you will.
Witchery dLow Mostly business/prep clothing, has brogues and other #menswear accesories.
Incu cMedium Nice range, stocks quality denim as well as some more exclusive brands. Well above mall-tier.
The Iconic dLow Pretty huge range with decent quality, ships around the country.
Foot-Locker Shit Good if you need shoes for sports, but for things like air jordans/adidas originals you'll find much better prices elsewhere.
HypeDC eMall/Fast fashion Not bad for sneakers, they sell limited run shoes that may be hard to find elsewhere. Stock Vans, Supra, Adidas, etc. Can be a bit pricey.
Kmart Shit Only for underwear/socks.
Cotton On eMall/Fast fashion Dirt cheap basics (<$10); great sales. It can be hard to find good fits here, but the upside is that you won't have wasted a lot of money if you decide you don't like something.
Connor Shit Similar to YD except worse, tries to do menswear, but often poorly fitted and terrible build quality. Every man and his dog shops there though, avoid at all costs.
Tarocash Shit Pretty much identical to Connor, stay away.
Asos eMall/Fast fashion For the home brand quality can be variable, although as the price entails it usually isn't the best. The site also offers items from higher-tier brands. Frequent sales.
YD eMall/Fast fashion Pretty low quality but useful if you are looking for small sizes.
Industrie eMall/Fast fashion Pretty good basics/chinos/knits, probably the best mall tier store thats near you.
Roger David/RDX eMall/Fast fashion Similar to Industrie in that its at the higher end of mall tier, not a bad place to start out if you have no clue. Only buy when on sale.
General Pants Co. eMall/Fast fashion A mixed bag of trendy/streetwear, you will have to dig a bit to find something good.
Culture Kings cMedium Decent quality streetwear options, plenty of imported stuff thats tricky to get in Australia.
Supply Store cMedium Plenty of streetwear, can be very pricey though.
Zanerobe dLow Entry-level clothing, brands itself as streetwear.

Stores in Canada

Brand Tier Description Website aArtisanal/Luxury Only accepts email orders.
gravitypope Uncategorized
Sydney's bHigh Toronto
Jonathan+Olivia Uncategorized
TNT Uncategorized
Roden Gray bHigh Vancouver
N O M A D bHigh Toronto
Off the Hook Uncategorized Streetwear. Montreal.
Lost & Found Uncategorized Toronto; heritage stuff.
Club Monaco dLow
Tate+Yoko Uncategorized A good place to buy buy high-end raws and various other clothes. Montreal.
SSENSE Uncategorized The online fashion retailer is based in Montreal and has a flagship store in Old Montreal.

Montreal, Quebec

Quebec's (and arguably Canada's) fashion central has a ton of great stores, boutiques, and department stores.

  • Michel Brisson boutique

Stores in Europe

Paris, France

Unarguably the world's fashion capital. Home to the notorious Paris Fashion Weeks.

  • Colette

Stores in the United States

Brand Tier Description Website
4.0 aArtisanal/Luxury Sells designer clothing by Carol Christian Poell, Sruli Recht, Rick Owens, and more.
ACNE bHigh Designer clothes from Sweden.
Aldo Shoes eMall/Fast fashion Shoes will fall apart within a month. Only buy on SALE.
AllSaints cMedium
American Apparel eMall/Fast fashion Has basic t-shirts in a variety of cuts. Tees fit well even for slimmer people.
American Eagle eMall/Fast fashion Fairly terrible quality, bright and only slightly branded basics. Shirts are a bit long, usually go a bit past the waist.
Pants fit a bit weird, and you get what you pay for with shoes.
April77 cMedium April77 is notable for their large selection jeans which come in many different sizes, cuts, and colors.
Archival Clothing cMedium Great outdoorsy backpacks, and some other vintage-inspired clothes
Asos eMall/Fast fashion For the home brand quality can be variable, although as the price entails it usually isn't the best. The site also offers items from higher-tier brands. Frequent sales.
Atelier New York bHigh "Goth-ninja" stuff. Everything is black, grey, or white.
Banana Republic eMall/Fast fashion
Barneys New York bHigh From high "goof" to Hamptons prep, anything that's expensive will be on here.
Bergdorf Goodman bHigh Similar to Neiman Marcus but with even more expensive labels.
Blackbird Uncategorized
Blue in Green bHigh Mainly sells raw denim.
Cos dLow
Cotton On eMall/Fast fashion Dirt cheap basics (<$10); great sales. It can be hard to find good fits here, but the upside is that you won't have wasted a lot of money if you decide you don't like something.
Everlane dLow Their tees are generally well liked and they claim to offer the same quality as more expensive brands but with less markup.
Express eMall/Fast fashion Good for better-fitting dress clothes.
Forever 21 eMall/Fast fashion Has a fuckton of items in many eclectic styles, but quality is sometimes dubious. Best to use for experimenting with styles without shelling out too much money.
Frank & Oak dLow Good quality menswear basics. I wouldn't recommend them for taller guys, as everything seems to run a bit short. Free shipping.
Gant cMedium
Gap eMall/Fast fashion
H&M eMall/Fast fashion Recommended for very basic clothes and occasionally more stylish pieces.
I Heart Yours eMall/Fast fashion Sells very basic, inexpensive shoes.
J. Crew dLow Good quality clothes with acceptable cuts. High-ish price for the quality they offer.
JCPenney eMall/Fast fashion Good place to cop Levi's jeans if you cannot find an outlet.
Karmaloop dLow Has sales literally almost every day. Can sometimes find entry-level designer brands (e.g. Naked and Famous) at deep discount.
Kith cMedium
Levi dLow Large selection of jeans (among other things) in a variety of colors and cuts. The quality is beginner level in their cheaper jeans not made in the USA. Levi's often has sales, so avoid buying at full retail. Avoid if you live outside NA, ridiculous markups.
Macy's eMall/Fast fashion
Mr. Porter bHigh
Nordstrom cMedium
Old Navy eMall/Fast fashion Pretty inexpensive clothing, the fits can be a bit off. Sometimes there are passable pieces. Definitely go to a store to try things on before buying.
Pull & Bear eMall/Fast fashion Similar to H&M, but more colorful
Ralph Lauren eMall/Fast fashion
Revolve Clothing cMedium Revolve Clothing offers 20% off on first purchases if you email them with your order number.
River Island eMall/Fast fashion Extremely similar to TOPMAN.
Target eMall/Fast fashion The Mossimo athletic fit t-shirts are decent and the Merona line is a good way to fill up a new white collar worker's wardrobe on a budget with some tailoring. If you can find what you need on the clearance racks and do your own alterations, it is very good value.
TOPMAN eMall/Fast fashion Similar to ASOS it tends to be hit and miss, however they do have a good returns policy and if you avoid the typical 'lad' items (usually t-shirts with pop culture references) and it should be decent. Their Stretch skinny jeans and chinos stretch out quite a bit. Suits and blazers are great looking especially considering the price.
Uniqlo dLow Above-average quality basics, recommended for entry level.
Urban Outfitters eMall/Fast fashion Decent clothes, a little more on the expensive side of fast fashion.
Yoox cMedium
Zara eMall/Fast fashion


High Tier

  • Unionmade One of the best shops out there for mid- to high-tier menswear. Does collaborations with Alden fairly often.
  • Superdenim Great for "heritage" menswear and some streetwear.
  • Tres Bien Mostly streetwear, but they also have a pretty good formalwear selection. Probably the cheapest shop you will find for designer stuff, some nice discount codes from time to time.
  • farfetch Boutique shopping aggregator.
  • Mr Porter The male version of Net-a-Porter. Designer clothing from Givenchy, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Loro Piana, etc.
  • LN-CC Online & London, UK
  • Leffot Retailer of high-end shoes, from Edward Green to Viberg.
  • Epaulet New York Straight-up classic menswear, focusing on a high quality of construction. Has lots of exclusive Carmina models.
  • Neiman Marcus Lots of menswear but carries a small amount of goof as well. Think Scott Disick.

Uncategorized Tier

  • MyHabit Requires an account.

Here are weird sort of Japanese Ebays but things go crazy cheap here. Talked to heaps of people that have found anything from Yohji Yamamoto to pre-2000s Helmut Lang and MMM for less than $50. It sort of requires heaps of dedication and watching so idk, ive never put in the effort myself.

Stores by Country

UK Tier

  • Cos Online, London
  • Dogfish Online, Cambridge, Norwich (also incorporates Sevenwolves in Cambridge and Norwich)
  • Farfetch Online, sourced from boutiques around the globe.

Canada Tier

  • Tate+Yoko A good place to buy high-end raws and various other clothes. Montreal, Canada
  • Reborn All orders made by email

Thrift Stores Complete crapshoot, great for poorfags and trustfund babies looking for "vintage" stuff. Brings in new stuff on Wednesday. Pricing is unilateral for all clothing, be it horrible Gildan cotton tees or ancient, high quality suit stuff. Physically hurts your dignity being here.