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Wool Coats and Jackets

Single breasted donegal over coat.

Over Coat

A heavy coat that is worn over a suit or a jacket; generally extends down past the knee. Traditionally made of fabrics as thick as 30 oz or more per yard. Different types include the polo coat, the covert coat, the Ulster, and the Chesterfield. They can seem antiquated, especially if they're too long.

Club Monaco camel top coat.

Top Coat

Essentially a lightweight over coat that ends at or above the knee. These are still fairly popular and can be found from a variety of retailers.

Gloverall Duffel Coat.

Duffle Coat

Named after the Belgian clothmaking town of Duffel, its personal use by a British Field Marshal led to its UK nickname, the "Monty coat." Made of a heavy woolen fabric, it features toggle closures made out of wood, horn, or plastic, a large hood, a square shoulder yoke, large front pockets, and traditionally a tartan lining. This jacket trended heavily in the fall/winter season of 2012 and might be popular in 2013 as well.

Schott NYC pea coat.

Pea Coat

Worn by sailors for centuries, the pea coat features a large lapel, a double breasted front, a double row of buttons, vertical slash pockets, and a thick woolen fabric. Very popular a few years ago. /fa/ tricked a lot of people into buying them by claiming they were "timeless."



Lettermans, baseball, or varsity jackets are pretty easy to find and have been mildly popular over the past few years. Typically features a bomber style, ending at the waist, with ribbed sleeves, collar and hem, vertical or slanted pockets, a wool body, and leather sometimes raglan sleeves.


Designer Milan Vukmirovic wearing a field jacket.

Field Jackets

A broad range of jackets with a similar design and aesthetic, these are generically called fatigue, field, mechanic, or utility jackets. Typically made with cotton fabrics and feature four front pockets, a small collar, and occasionally a hood and epaulets. These have maintained their popularity over the years.

Vintage and new versions of the M-51 and M-65.

Military Field Jackets

The M51 and M65, introduced in 1951 and 1965 respectively, are specific types of field jackets originally issued by the United States military. The most notable difference between the two is that the hood of the m-65 folds up and zips into the collar.

Barbour X To Ki To Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket.

Waxed Cotton

More common in the UK, waxed cotton jackets were used by sailors, farmers, hunters, and motorcyclists. Waterproof and breathable, these can come in any variety of styles, but typically feature two or more patch pockets and extend past the waist.

Burberry trench coat.


Originally designed as a rubberised raincoat, the mac has become a generic term for a coat in this particular design--similar to a topcoat, but often made with cotton fabrics and often with a smaller collar and/or lapel. The Mackintosh brand is currently owned by a Japanese company.

Vintage denim chore coat.


A very simple jacket, traditionally worn by laborers and made of denim or canvas, the chore coat features a small collar and 2-4 open patch pockets. Pointer Brand is well known for their chore jackets, and Schott NYC and Apolis make nice wool versions.



Originally designed by Baracuta and dubbed the "G9," this jacket was popularized in the late 1950s in part by Ryan O'Neal, whose character Rodney Harrington inspired the nickname. Waist length, made of cotton, coated or waxed cotton, or synthetic fabrics, a tartan lining, and a unique tab collar. This jacket had a bit of a comeback a few years ago and is versatile enough to fit in mod and skinhead as well as in prep outfits.

Levis denim jacket.


A jacket made of denim. Layer it under a coat to be certified #menswear.


Joules Foxton quilted jacket.

Quilted Jackets

Originally invented by Steve Guylas in 1965, the quilted jacket was used for hunting, equestrianism, and other sports. Typically features a corduroy collar, a single breasted front with snap button closures, and patch pockets. Cheaper models will use nylon or polyester shells, but more expensive ones may use polyamide. Barbour is well known for their quilted jackets, but their models tend to be boxy. Some of the nicer versions come from companies not dedicated to the heritage of the boxy original, like Burberry Prosum or Ralph Lauren.

Bottega Veneta quilted down and the Eddie Bauer Skyliner.

Quilted Down Jacket aka The Puffer Jacket

The quilted down jacket was introduced in 1936 by Eddie Bauer as a light weight and water resistant alternative to wool jackets that he dubbed the Skyliner. The quilting served a functional purpose: to keep the down in place. Nowadays down jackets can be found everywhere, and Uniqlo is well known for their line of cheap quilted downs. They're extremely versatile and "easy to wear."

Canada Goose Gilet.


A vest. Can be quilted or down filled or otherwise.

Gant Parka.


Has maintained its popularity over the years, the parka is a casual jacket with similarities to the field jacket, but is typically longer and more likely to use synthetic fabrics. There are lighter models for fall as well as insulated ones for the winter.

Stevenson MA-1 Spring Tencel Jacket.

Bomber or Flight Jacket

Originally designed for pilots, the flight jacket went from heavy leather models to light, synthetic shelled models with ribbed collars and hems. Pretty popular in authentic and more modern styles, and a good option for shorter men.

Supreme fishtail rain jacket.

Rain Jacket

Typically styled like a parka, rain jackets are a good alternative to an umbrella. Better versions afford some breathability

Gant nylon hoodie.

Wind Breaker

A lightweight jacket typically cinched at the sleeves, waist length or longer, with a zippered front. A very basic jacket, it's nice to keep a packable wind and water resistant jacket on hand in case of bad weather.