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The Faggot Store (Old Sticky) which is archived here

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The American List A list of fashionable items made in the USA.

/fa/ Archives (Old /fa/ Archive) (Current /fa/ Archive)

/fa/ Links, An Early Attempt at Creating a Guide to /fa/ by Sick Fit Bro

Ask A Barber, A barber stops by to answer /fa/'s questions.

Ask A Barber II, Electric Boogaloo

Useful Blogs

  • A Continuous Lean--"A discovery agent for those with an appreciation of quality, style and provenance." Blog with an emphasis on vintage, heritage and workwear styles
  • Dappered--"Affordable Men's Style." Focuses on traditional and casual men's styles with an emphasis on saving money.
  • Jak & Jil--Fashion photography and inspiration pics.
  • Preposity--Dedicated to all things prep. "Please be in London"--He is!
  • The Sartorialist--Great irl fashion pics from around the world courtesy photographer Scott Schuman.
  • Unabashedly Prep--Fashion photographer F.E. Castleberry's loving look into the modern prep aesthetic.
  • Uncrate--Highlights interesting articles of clothing and pairs them with accessories to create complete outfits.
  • Ghent Street Style--“One of Belgium’s best fashion blogs” - Knack weekend (Implying there is much competition.)

facehunter--wasn't coming up for me. if anyone can confirm, put it in the list