Handsewn shoes

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A handsewn made by the American company Yuketen.
A Rancourt & Co. tassel loafer which is also a handsewn.

Handsewn is a word used to denote a variety of moccasin shoes that are sewn by hand, and which are a typically American combination of European and Native American styles. Maine has a relatively large handsewn shoe industry.

Handsewn shoes are made of leather or suede (or, in the case of some really terrible designs, denim) and feature moccasin stitching.

A few r/goodyearwelt posters did some investigation to answer the question of "who makes what" in the US shoe scene. Their conclusion was that "the Maine handsewing industry in particular is a giant incestuous cesspool of contracts and collaborations and more." That thread can be found here.

Notable Manufacturers

Notable brands that offer handsewn shoes include: