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Yuketen Maine Guide boot for FW 2012.

Yuketen is an American shoe brand founded by Yuki Matsuda of Meg Company (with early help from Quoddy) that makes primarily handsewn leather shoes. The brand capitalizes on the large demand for American "heritage" styles in Japan. Their shoes are made similarly to other handsewn brands, but usually with more non-traditional styling. Yuketen does not manufacture all of their shoes themselves; their Johnson shoes and boots are made by Dayton and it is not clear how many of their shoes are made by other American manufacturers.

Subjective: Style and Quality

Yuketen boat shoes in a variety of colors for SS2012.

Stylistically, Yuketen differs from its competitors by its use of less traditional construction and materials. While Yuketen shoes can be traditional in some respects, they usually have one or more unorthodox features. They make use of unusual prints and leathers, colorblocking, mismatched pairs, and other stylistic oddities.

The leather quality is typical compared to other handsewn shoe brands. The overall feel/construction is exceptional.

The most iconic Yuketen shoe is the Maine Guide boot, for which there are many varieties.

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Yuketen's bluchers, boat shoes, and oxford mocs run true-to-size. The Maine Guide boots run large; sizing down a half size should be enough for most people. The Johnson line, made by Dayton, is similar to the sizing of the Alden trubalance last (a full size large), though narrower through the instep.


Yuketen is considerably more expensive than similar handsewn manufacturers. However, Yuketen's products often undergo considerable price reduction in seasonal sales. The Yuketen Maine Guide boot, which normally retails for $550 and upward, generally goes down as low as $250 in sales. So while the brand may not be affordable for many people at MSRP, there are still opportunities to buy Yuketen at a lower price. This editor owns and loves three pairs of Yuketen shoes, all of which were bought well below their original prices.

/fa/'s Opinion

Yuketen is not unpopular on /fa/ but it's not one of the more popular shoe brands, either. Generally it does not draw criticism and some posters are vocal fans.

hip$ster this is my favourite shoe brand. I own three pairs and that number is only going to go up

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