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if you have anything to say about any of my contributions or have any questions, feel free to post them on my discussion page. I contribute partially to advertise brands I like, partially to help newcomers, and partially for recognition. so if you have anything nice to say, don't hesitate. and if you have anything nasty to say, you can say that, too

I post on /fa/ with the tripcode hip$ster !HALO3F/O26

I worked a bit on the help section and on the pages for some brands I like; I also added to the shoe article to explain the difference between apron toe and moc toe shoes. And I started a couple of brands pages for brands I'm not so crazy about.

Rancourt & Co.
Oak Street Bootmakers
Red Wing Shoes
Eastland Boot Company
Handsewn shoes

I edit for style sometimes but not very often

I didn't initially trip: I started tripping on 17/06/13 because some guy started posting dumb stuff under my name in an attempt to make me look bad. I'll admit to caring as much as anybody else about reputation.