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Store Tiers

Mall-tier/Fast Fashion: Only purchase for basics such as t-shirts, underwear, socks, etc. Generally should be avoided, but recommended for poorfags. Buy sparsely and do NOT build a large wardrobe with these stores.

Low-tier: A bit more pricey compared to fast fashion brands. Some under this catagory could also fit themselves into fast fashion, but their reputation has served them to be less diaposable.

Medium-tier:The start to entry level designer pieces. Clothes are made of a higher quality with an idea in mind, however still caters to a general audience.

Haute couture: High end fashion created from expensive fabric and sewn together with incredible attention to detail. These brands build to create a story and send a message, thus their clothes are created for a certain body build in mind.

Artisanal: Hand-made with skill that approaches that of an artist. This has nothing to do with design and everything to do with production methods. A boring design done fully by hand (e.g., a full bespoke two button suit) is 'artisanal'. Many designers source their clothing from artisans, but not all designer clothing is 'artisanal'.

Brand Tier Description Website
4.0 aArtisanal/Luxury Sells designer clothing by Carol Christian Poell, Sruli Recht, Rick Owens, and more.
Acne bHigh Designer clothes from Sweden.
Archival Clothing cMedium Great outdoorsy backpacks, and some other vintage-inspired clothing.
Atelier New York bHigh "Goth-ninja" stuff. Everything is black, grey, or white.
Barneys New York bHigh From high "goof" to Hamptons prep, anything that's expensive will be on here.
Bergdorf Goodman bHigh Similar to Neiman Marcus but with even more expensive labels.
Blue in Green bHigh Mainly sells raw denim.
Blue Owl Workshop cMedium Mostly sells raw denim on the cheaper side; known for having a great Momotaro stock
Epaulet New York bHigh Straight-up classic menswear, focusing on a high quality of construction. Has lots of exclusive Carmina models.
farfetch bHigh Boutique shopping aggregator.
JCPenney eMall/Fast fashion Good place to cop Levi's jeans if you cannot find an outlet. St. Johns Bay brand is pretty decent. Otherwise shit quality and full of soccer moms.
Karmaloop dLow Has sales literally almost every day. Can sometimes find entry-level designer brands (e.g. Naked and Famous) at deep discount.
Kith cMedium Offers custom and limited edition colorways and material choices on well known shoe brands. Marked up accordingly.
Kohl's eMall/Fast fashion Mostly bad quality and fit, never buy the full-priced stuff. But has huge sales and clearance deals all the time, usually something okay can be found for dirt cheap. Apt. 9 brand is decent.
Leffot bHigh Retailer of high-end shoes, from Edward Green to Viberg.
Macy's eMall/Fast fashion Purveyor of various dad/mom/grandma-core clothing and other bland or otherwise bottom-of-the-barrel designer brands. Generally pretty cheap - occasionally they have something worth buying.
Mr. Porter bHigh The male version of Net-a-Porter. Designer clothing from Givenchy, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Loro Piana, etc.
Nordstrom cMedium Carries various upscale brands, you can find anything from Varvatos to Ferragamo to Prada here. More menswear/prep orientated than similar stores. Great if you need a suit and pair of oxfords.
Revolve Clothing cMedium Revolve Clothing offers 20% off on first purchases if you email them with your order number.
SSENSE bHigh Designer clothes. Beware imposter stores from China with identical websites.
Self Edge bHigh One of the first stores to help establish the high end denim scene, SE shines at doing collabs with various brands.
Tres Bien bHigh Mostly streetwear, but they also have a pretty good formalwear selection. Probably the cheapest shop you will find for designer stuff, some nice discount codes from time to time
Unionmade bHigh One of the best shops out there for mid- to high-tier menswear. Does collaborations with Alden fairly often.