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North America


Note: Some US/UK stores will ship to Australia, so check them out too.

South America

Thrift Stores

Building a wardrobe from thrifted clothes is very respectable and recomended for anyone who wants to experiment with their style, but don't have the money to do so. Let this section be a short guide to how to thirft for clothes.

To find grails in many stores we need to visit them often and those in busy areas. Shift through the entire store as a buys thirft store is constantly throwing out and tossing in goods everyday day. This would mean dedicated a little bit time each day to find something you want.

Make a mental image of what you have in your wardrobe and currently in your cart. This rule goes to all shoping, but very important when shopping for the unexpected. You should have a good feeling of what matches with what you already have for a gratifying purchase.

When you do find that perfect one you need to inspect it for its quality. Make sure that the condition is free of has fixable stains or scuffs. Anything too damaged is nothing worth your time unless its really unique. Find anything missing, such as buttons, zippers, and even holes. Some might find the damage to intresting and can add some character to the fit, but you should be aware of these imperfections and if you're willing spend time to fix it or have it sent to a tailor.

And without saying, how your clothing fits is very important. Going into a thirft store you're dealing with many different brands that work their clothes differently. And each piece having a different background of possible streching, shrinking, etc. It's important to know how you want something to look and how it looks on you before committing that piece into your wardrobe. Being able to tailor and sew is incredibly helpful skill to have when you're thrifting for clothes as you can make pieces that were once ill fitting become part of your vision.

goodwill Complete crapshoot, great for poorfags and trustfund babies looking for "vintage" stuff. Brings in new stuff on Wednesday. Pricing is unilateral for all clothing, be it horrible Gildan cotton tees or ancient, high quality suit stuff. Physically hurts your dignity being here if your Mom buys all of your Supreme for you.

Buffalo Exchange Shop that buys clothing and resells at a drastically reduced cost, generally 20-50% of original price. Needs sifting, but they are selective in what they buy through their own self-proclaimed "style experts," meaning employees who know not to buy your dad's old clothes. Content varies wildly by location and is generally reflective of what is available in the area. For example, NYC shops carry higher end clothing found in the immediate vicinity such as Odin and AllSaints as well as mall brands while in Philadelphia the Rittenhouse location simply carries fast fashion and a few J. Crew pieces. If money is any kind of issue than these are always worth looking into, as the low prices and constantly changing selection can lead to wonderful discoveries. Selling back however generally isn't worth it.

Amsterdam Pretentious thrift store catering the legions of hipsters that flock and scream at anything that looks like fake leather loafers or hats with feathers in them. They occasionally have some decent shoes/clothing if you are lucky, prices are quite high compared to what you get. Zipper also sells Cheap Monday jeans/chino's for retail price. The staff is very nice and helpful Another 'expensive' thrift store, has similar stuff as the previous mentioned Zipper although they don't sell anything new. Staff is very aware that they are in a 'hip' store and act like they are the best which is why (writer) avoid it like the plague. They do have a nice selection of leather briefcases and scarves. Thrift store mostly catering women's clothing. They do have a small section of men which often has some nice gems if you're lucky. The owners also tailor a lot to cater to a younger audience (the owner told me). Prices are quite high but you can find some 'haute couture' pieces now and then. Really friendly staff. Small thrift store selling men's and women's clothing, shoes,scarves, furniture, record players and a lot more. Prices are a bit lower than previously mentioned stores but the selection is basically all Large or Extra Large. You really need to look for something nice. Staff can be arrogant but also nice depending who's behind the counter.

Buy & Sell

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Here are weird sort of Japanese Ebays but things go crazy cheap here. Talked to heaps of people that have found anything from Yohji Yamamoto to pre-2000s Helmut Lang and MMM for less than $50. It sort of requires heaps of dedication and watching so idk, ive never put in the effort myself. Some guy told me to put this here, Rakuten Manager is a Python script to make pages for browsing Rakuten a little bit more easily without having to search for the size at times and without extraneous shit to the sides.


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