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The following will, when finished, be a glossary of fashion- and board-related terms. Until this page is complete some terms may be added without descriptions.

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Glossary of Terms
Avant-Garde An experimental or innovative outfit.
bbs Boris Bidjan Saberi
Cop Obtain/Purchase
cp common projects
Dadcore Common insult. Refers to poorly-fitted and often stylistically conservative classic menswear. The kind of clothes a dad would wear.
Dick Ovens Rick Owens, designer.
Effay Pronunciation of /fa/. Used to describe things that are undeniably /fa/shionable.
Fit Outfit
Fuccboi A meme word. It is used for general disparaging; compare "faggot" and "plebeian" however without classist or homophobic connotations. A useful catch-all for fuccbois which are pissing you off.
Goodyear Welt The Goodyear welt process is the traditional method for the manufacture of men's dress shoes, meaning they can be resoled.
Gothninja Avant-garde; styling that is monochrome (mostly black).
Heroin Chic "A nihilistic vision of beauty that is reflective of drug addiction." Wikipedia
HY Hitler Youth haircut
ilu i love ugly
Inspo Inspiration
Jawns Just means jeans.
kek lurk more
KTT Kanye To The
Mall-tier Adjective meaning "frequently appears in malls" or "looks like clothing you would find in a mall". This word has a negative connotation.
m8/m80 Mate/Matey
MFA Male Fashion Advice, a Reddit board. Strongly hated by most of /fa/.
MMM Refers to the Belgian fashion designer Maison Martin Margiela
Moc toe Moccasin stitch toe. A type of shoe design where there is a seam running around the top of the shoe.
nxtlvl Literally "next level"; before something's time; can refer to the term avant-garde.
Patrician A person with very fine taste; somebody that is dressed exceptionally well.
Piece An article of clothing; pieces make up a fit.
Plebeian/Pleb A person without taste; somebody that is not well-dressed.
Poet A retired poster on /fa/. Pioneer of the short-lived lunarcore movement. R.I.P. sweet prince
Qt 3.14 Cutie Pie. From π(pi) ≈ 3.14. One may frequently see other variations of pi used (e.g. "Qt 22/7").
Rafdidas Adidas x Raf Simons collaborations.
Raf Simons, Rick Owens Usually what I'm dressed in A$AP Rocky.
Raw or Raws Denim that has not been washed or artificially distressed.
Rise On a pair of pants, the distance between the crotch and waistband.
SF Referring to StyleForum.
Sufu Referring to the superfuture forum.
SZ Referring to the forum StyleZeitgeist.
w2c "Where to cop?" or "Where can I buy this?"
WAYWT "What are you wearing today?" A recurring thread where users post fits and berate those of others.
Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 collection
Muddle A fashion model