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Rick Owens sneakers.
Anne Hathaway wearing a Rick Owens jacket.

Rick Owens is an American fashion designer based in Paris. He and his clothing are a popular topic on /fa/, and he is the most discussed designer on the board.

Rick Owens Palais Royale/Hun

The fur line. Distribution is fairly light, limited mostly to Rick's own stores and the more dedicated stockists. Pricing can get very high; a mink jacket will run in the neighborhood of $60,000 USD

Rick Owens DRKSHDW

DRKSHDW began as the denim line to the Rick Owens mainline, but it has evolved into something of a bridge line, with less precious fabrications of mainline and previous season garments. Note that it isn't a diffusion line in the true sense; it's still designed directly by Rick Owens, and it's sewn at the same factory as mainline garments. It also frequently features on the runway, especially in the menswear collections. DRKSHDW can be differentiated from mainline in a number of ways:

  • The double rectangular tags on the back of the garment are blank, whereas the mainline tags feature "Rick Owens" on one and the season and collection name on the other.
  • Sewn somewhere in the garment is a woven picture of Rick Owens.
  • Prior to the fall 2012 collection, DRKSHDW garments had a hanging black strap embroidered with the DRKSHDW logo.
  • The Olmar + Mirta care tags feature the DRKSHDW logo.

Rick Owens Lilies

Women's only side line, Lilies features various draped jersey knit garments, and occasionally more affordable fabrications of mainline women's leathers, using substitutes such as neoprene. Like DRKSHDW, this is not a diffusion line, and also features heavily on the women's runways. Lilies can be differentiated from mainline in that Lilies only features a single rectangular tag at the back, embroidered with "Rick Owens Lilies".

/fa/'s Opinion

Pretty much everyone on /fa/ has an opinion on Rick Owens, whether they are a fan or not. That said, a lot of posters are Rick Owens fans. There is some debate about whether his popularity on the internet is due in part to mention from the fashion-conscious rapper A$AP Rocky, who notably made reference to Rick Owens and Raf Simons in his song "Peso".

Due to Rick Owens' popularity on /fa/ most posters will be expected to recognize his face.

The man, the legend

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